How this Agent sold $920K in Real Estate in under 30 days without door knocking or making a single cold call!


Check out how this Agent sold $920K in Real Estate in under 30 days without door knocking or making a single cold call...  

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There's a BIG PROBLEM in Real Estate right now...

Realtors & Brokers need more leads...but not the crappy low-quality leads...  

Realtors and Brokers need more QUALIFIED LEADS!  

Now, why does this suck? 🤢 It sucks because nowadays it’s getting harder and harder to get quality leads…  

The leads you buy on Zillow and Trulia are getting more and more expensive… also, these leads aren’t exclusive. And on top of that, they’re selling the same leads to 5-6 different RE professionals in your same area, basically, to your competitors!  

There are also lots of other Lead Vendors out there who will basically give you a bunch of names, emails and phone numbers that you have to go through…And you find yourself wasting your time calling tire kickers who are not even looking to buy a home...these are low-quality leads... Can you relate to this? 

What’s the solution that everybody is normally used to? 

You can go to Zillow, or Trulia to pay hundreds of $ per lead, you’ll get locked into a contract, and you’ll get leads that everyone else gets. Or, another option, is to take time out of your family and life to go to local networking events, and parties, where MAYBE you’ll meet a potential client.  

But, you know what the problem is? This is not sustainable, it’s not a regular, it’s not a steady supply of leads (which is the reason why most Realtors fail in their 1st year). 

What is it what we do that is so different?  

We have a 3-Step process that is helping realtors and brokers sell between 1-3 extra properties per month.  


🏡 "Predictive Real Estate Closings Program"! 🏡

In Step 1, we run advertisements on the #1 growing platform right now and that is Facebook & Instagram. Which are by the way both owned by the same company.  

And what we do is we have a very specific method that we use, it’s not the normal thing you hear about advertising on Facebook. We don’t just make a post where we say “Hey! contact me I am a great Realtor.” 🤣  

We create very specific, laser-targeted, Facebook Ads that get you buyer and seller leads that are 100% exclusive to you. Here on step 1 is where we capture the lead information.  

Now, most agencies will leave you here at this point with the names, emails and phone numbers, and you have to take care off the rest. But that’s not our case…  

In Step 2, we take care of all the follow-up. Basically, we’ll call, text and email the leads immediately 24/7 after they submitted their contact information on Facebook. Once we qualify the lead as a potential buyer we’ll live transfer that lead to you, or if you’re not available for a live transfer we will book an appointment on your calendar and confirm it with the lead.  

This way, you don’t have to waste any time following-up with leads who aren’t looking to buy a home (so no more tire kickers and time wasters...!🍾)  

You’ll only have to speak with the HOT Leads who are actively looking to buy a home in your area.  

Now, you might be wondering, what will happen with the COLD Leads, the leads that don’t qualify our initial follow-up phase? That’s where step 3 comes into play!  

In Step 3, we’ll nurture the leads for you. We’ll be sending them text messages and email newsletters (linked to your own email address), with valuable information about buying a home. This way the leads will keep hearing from you and once they’re ready to take the next step to buy their dream home they will just need to reply to one of your emails or texts.  

On Top of this, we’re so confident in our 3-step process and what we do that we guarantee results. That’s right we guarantee results (or we’ll refund your money!). It’s that simple.  

Want to know about some client results? 

The question is...

How would you like to have 50, 100, or 150 new exclusive leads for your RE business coming in on Autopilot? Or even better,  

How would you like to receive 50, 100, or 150 new exclusive leads for your real estate business coming in on autopilot and...have a team qualifying all of the leads for you, booking appointments on your calendar with the hottest leads who are actively looking to buy a home?  

If you think about it... We’ll even schedule appointments with leads while you sleep! 😴  

What’s next?  

Well, there’s a link below I would like you to click it. That will open a calendar and it will allow you to schedule a 15-minute (no obligation) strategy call with me or someone on my team, and we’ll tell you exactly what our plan is to help you grow real estate business!  

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